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Practical solutions for combining the working world and everday farm life.

Founded in 2010, our original mission at Fainting Fox Farm was to raise confirmationally correct, breed typical Tennessee Fainting Goats.
But along the way our mission has morphed into so much more than just raising Myotonics. It has become our way of reconnecting with a simpler lifestyle and a way to preserve our family's farming heritage.
It is an amazing lifestyle that I want to share with the people around us.

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What keeps us busy

The Goats

Raising confirmationally correct, breed typical Tennessee Fainting Goats registered with MGR. We are breeding for medium sized, red and white and black and white goats that have the breed standard myotonia congenita, docile temperament, and generally healthy constitution.

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The Garden

Sharing our efforts to reconnect with our food sources and provide our family with healthier and safer alternatives to commercially available foodstuffs. Growing a garden, preserving the harvest, raising chickens and shopping locally; all so we can eat like our grandparents did.

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The Lifestyle

Documenting our efforts to continue the family farm despite current trends towards large commercial agriculture. Finding a way to preserve the lifestyle, heritage and blood, sweat and tears of several generations and years of hard work. Finding simple solutions that fit todays modern lifestyle.

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